[Upgraded Version] X-Sense Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector Fire Alarm with Over 820 ft Transmission Range, Conforms to EN 14604 Standard, XS01-WR Link+, 6-Pack

  • Know from Anywhere: When one wireless smoke alarms is triggered, all smoke alarms will sound, so you and your family can hear the alarm from anywhere in your home; an intelligent locating function allows you to quickly locate the source of the fire, giving you every extra life-saving second to control the fire or evacuate
  • Wide Coverage for Full Home Protection: Featuring a relay function that extends transmission range, this smoke detector can be interconnected with up to 24 smoke alarms to create a smart home network with no blind spots, even on different floors or in the basement and garage
  • Easy to Install, Interlink, and Operate: This mini smoke alarm can be quickly installed onto any wall or ceiling without hard-wiring; simply press the test/silence button to interconnect your wireless smoke detectors (the alarms in one multi-pack have already been interconnected); easy to test the alarm regularly or silence false alarms (e.g., cooking fumes) with a simple push
  • 5-Year Replaceable Battery & Self-Check: The battery of this networked fire alarm supports 5-year continuous use and can be easily replaced by yourself; a low-battery warning to let you clearly know when it’s time to replace the battery for safety
  • Safety Certification & Reliable After-Sales Services: This smoke alarm for home is approved by the TÜV and are rigorously tested to meet the EN 14604 standard; feel free to contact us if you have any questions
SKU: B08766FG4N
Weight: 570 g
Size: 6-PACK (RF Interconnected)
Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 4.8 cm; 570 Grams
Model: XS01-WR
Part: XS01-WR
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Metal
Manufacture: X-Sense
Quantity: 1
Size: 6-PACK (RF Interconnected)

Product Description

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85 dB Buzzer

The alarm noise level measures 85 dB within 39.4 in, which is loud enough to be heard by your whole family and alert you in case of an emergency.

Insect-Proof Design

An insect-proof design functions as a buffer, isolating the sensor from insects, thus ensuring high accuracy.

Quickly Locate the Alarm Source

Press the Test/Silence button on any interconnected alarm to quickly identify the source alarm. If all alarms are silenced, then the smoke alarm you tested is the source alarm.

Accurate Smoke Alert

This X-Sense alarm has been upgraded to perform smoke concentration analysis at least 3 times every 10 seconds, thus eliminating interference from wind, dust, and non-hazardous smokes.

Interconnected Carbone Monoxide AlarmInterconnected Carbone Monoxide AlarmInterconnected Smoke AlarmRemote Controller
Detection Type Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Smoke Remote Controller
Sensor Type Figaro TGS5141 Electrochemical Photoelectric
Safety Standards EN50291:2018 EN50291:2018 EN 14604
Wireless Interconnected
Battery Life 5 Years (Replaceable) 3 Years (Replaceable) 5 Years (Replaceable) 1 Year (Replaceable)
Item Size 35 x 63 x 16.5 mm Ø 110 x 36.6 mm Ø 78 × 48 mm 72 x 41 x 13 mm