Large python, bears, and emus – animals that have escaped in Hampshire

A PYTHON was snapped slithering across rooftops and into an open window after an early hours escape. The 18-foot Albino Burmese python took flight from its home in Ribble Close in Chandler's Ford on Tuesday. The reptile, which is kept as a pet, left residents horrified, with one saying a snake of that size outdoors is "absolutely horrendous".

READ MORE: Snake spotted slithering across rooftop after early hours escape[1] In light of this thrilling tale, we are reminiscing on a few occasions when exotic creatures have been on the loose in Hampshire.

Bear - 1877

For 30 years in the late 1800s and early 1900s, The Bassett Hotel pub boasted of having a bear called Miskka, originally from Russia. Daily Echo: bear

One day in 1877 she escaped and made a dash for the nearby common, but she was recaptured and taken back to the pub. Unfortunately, Miskka became dangerous and, due to fears of her breaking her cage again, was shot on July 18, 1907. Miskka was stuffed by taxidermists and put into a glass case for all to see.

Wallaby - 1999

A wallaby had a brief taste of freedom in the Hampshire countryside in 1999.

The Australian marsupial escaped from a private collection in the Colden Common area and was caught near Fisher's Pond shortly after its escape.

Snake - 2020

This is not the first time a snake has been spotted on the loose in Hampshire. A Hampshire gas meter reader got the fright of his life when he discovered a slithery stowaway sliding between the pipes on one of his rounds. Daily Echo: snake

The man spotted a snake nested inside a meter box in Beauchamp Avenue, Gosport[2] and contacted the RSPCA. It was soon discovered that the surprise visitor was a corn snake, a non-native breed often kept as a pet in the UK.

Emu - February 2021

Winchester[3] police officers warned motorists to drive slowly and keep an eye out after spotting an escaped bird on the A32 near Wickham Road. Daily Echo: Emu

Staff at the motorbike dealership Destination Triumph Solent managed to subdue the frightened bird, which was more than 5-foot tall, and temporarily named it Dave. They managed to restrain Dave for around an hour before police arrived on the scene. The owner got in touch after seeing media coverage of the bird (and police) in a flap.

Python - August 2022

The snake was spotted slithering across the rooftops of people's homes in Chandler's Ford on August 23.

Daily Echo: The 38kg reptile made an "almighty thud" when it fell from the roof and onto the car below. READ NEXT: Escaped python seen slithering on rooftops 'not a policing matter'[4]

Although residents say the incident was reported to the RSPCA and the police, Hampshire Constabulary said it is "not a policing matter". The snake was retrieved by its owner and safely returned home. A message from the Editor

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