Convicted Decatur vandal jailed on new charges, police report

DECATUR -- Convicted serial downtown Decatur vandal Travis C. Stewart has been at it again, according to Decatur police. This time he is charged with five preliminary counts of criminal damage after he is accused of smashing windows and causing other destruction at targets ranging from St.

Patrick School to various downtown businesses and other locations. Detective Sgt. Steve Carroll with the Decatur Police Department said patrol officers had been on alert after reports of damage started coming in Thursday morning.

Carroll said officers found and arrested the 38-year-old Stewart on Friday.

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He has a long track record of causing expensive trouble in and around the city's downtown area. In 2019 he was sentenced to 24 months of probation after pleading guilty to criminal defacement of property: Stewart had spray-painted the word "Traitor" in the lobby of the DPD headquarters and the Macon County Courthouse. A plea deal in that case had also encompassed painting messages on the Heritage Behavioral Health Center and on a building at the Decatur Memorial Hospital campus; Stewart had also smashed windows and filled locks with glue at the Decatur Bicycle Shoppe, 1230 E.

Pershing Road.

Decatur man sentenced on probation violation while criminal damage charges dropped

Stewart was in trouble again by the summer of 2020: He was accused of smashing windows in both the Decatur Civic Center and the Keil Building administrative offices of the Decatur School District on July 4; police also had suspected him of smashing windows in the Transfer House and the downtown Salvation Army headquarters. He was further charged with following that up the next night by slashing 20 car tires on vehicles parked downtown. An earlier charge said he had also slashed the tires on a Macon County Sheriff's Office squad car.

At first found not mentally fit to stand trial, Stewart was later judged well enough to be prosecuted. In November 2020 he took a plea deal that saw more than 10 criminal damage charges against him dismissed. Appearing in Macon County Circuit Court, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to a charge of violating his probation.

Now jailed again, his bail is set at £8,500, requiring him to post a bond of £850 to be freed. All preliminary charges are subject to review by the office of the state's attorney.

Updated mugshots from the Herald & Review

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