Boy rescued from mud flats off Southend after being cut off by the closing tide

A QUICK-THINKING police officer and a seafront security guard saved a young boy who got stuck on mud flats as the tide closed in. PC Forster and security worker Donatas Zemaitaitis waded out 300 metres off Jubilee Beach, in Southend, to rescue a boy who had been cut off by the incoming tide. Paul Thompson, who owns the nearby Pebbles One Cafe, said the rescue unfolded at around 3pm after the boy's mother raised the alarm

He said: "The boy was right the way out there and they were looking for him. "I saw the officer and the security worker running out to get him, they went straight out there. "The lad must have been around five or six-years-old.

"They took him straight into the first aid tent and had him checked over when they got him back in." He added: "It was very heroic, they both ran out through the mud, and knee deep in water while wearing full kit and combat boots. "It is extremely difficult to do but both acted swiftly to save the boy."

Echo: Donatas ZemaitaitisDonatas Zemaitaitis Mr Thompson said the rescue showed the best side of Southend, with people "coming together to keep the seafront safe". He said visitors can get into difficulty on the flats when they venture out and get stuck by the closing tide.

"They can turn to come back and suddenly they are 300 metres out," he said.

"They can be neck deep trying to get back and if you're not a strong swimmer, you're in trouble."

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