ABUS 1010/85 CityChain 1010 Chain Lock – Hardened steel bicycle lock – ABUS -Security level 12 – 85 cm – black

  • Robust bicycle lock with ABUS -Security level 12 The chain lock with 9 mm thick hexagonal chain protects your bike thanks to ABUS Plus cylinders before picking and other manipulations
  • Hardened steel for high security High-quality, specially hardened steel has been used for the chain, housing and supporting parts of the locking mechanism
  • Easy to use and intuitive The textile protective tube protects the bicycle frame from paint damage – thanks to the automatic hood, the keyhole always stays clean
  • Bike Lock for High-Quality Bicycles and E-Bikes CityChain 1010/85 – Length 85 cm, Weight 1850 g, Color Black, Includes 2 Keys
  • Safe, reliable and stable This is what the name stands for ABUS Whether it’s home protection, object security, or mobile security ABUS sets the standards

ABUS CityChain 1010/85
For those who need to park their bikes at train stations and other public places with a high risk of theft, ABUS the ideal instrument. This lock with extra-thick hexagonal chain reliably protects your city bike or e-bike from thieves. Great tailors don’t stand a chance. The ABUS Plus cylinder is also up to the tricks of ambitious thieves. Especially when it comes to a high-quality bike, it is worth investing in robust protection from ABUS .

Chain locks from ABUS
The chain locks from ABUS our proven high material production quality – for more safety in public areas.

More product advantages
➦ ABUS -Security level 12 = very good protection against a high risk of theft
➦ Incl. code card with key number and two keys for making a spare key should you lose your key
➦ ABUS Key service for easy reordering of keys

SKU: B001U885N0
Weight: 450 g
Dimensions: 85 x 0.9 x 0.9 cm; 450 Grams
Brand: ABUS
Model: 33559
Manufacture: ABUS